Oxford University Press Hermeneutics, Politics, and the History of Religions

This volume comprises papers presented at a conference marking the 50th anniversary of Joachim Wach's death, and centennial of Mircea Eliade's birth. Its purpose is to reconsider both problematic, separate legacies of these two major twent


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Bimago Tableau design History of Travel Size: 60x40

Tableau mappemonde "History of Travel" Une carte du nous est connue de l'école, mais l'avons enrichi en un brin de fantaisie. 'History of Travel' une décoration murale, qui utilise ce motif d'une manière originale. Un insolite sera idéale pour salon, chambre à coucher ou d'adolescent. Dans d'adolescent, impression sur toile of présente des contours continents gagnera aussi valeur éducative. L'apprentissage de la localisation océans et par


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Columbia Memory, Trauma, and History

In these essays, Michael S. Roth uses psychoanalysis to build a richer understanding of history, then takes a more expansive conception of to decode cultural construction of memory. He first examines development in nineteenth c


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Palgrave Macmillan A History of the Dublin Metropolitan Police and its

This book illuminates the neglected history of Dublin Metropolitan Police a that has been long overshadowed by existing historiography, which traditionally preoccupied with more radical aspects of Irish history. It explo


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Cambridge University Press Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese History

Gender and sexuality have been neglected topics in the history of Chinese civilization, despite fact that there is a massive amount of historical evidence on subject. China's late imperial government was arguably more concerned about gende


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Cambridge University Press A History of Mind and Body in Late Antiquity

The mind body relation was at the forefront of philosophy and theology in late antiquity, a time of great intellectual innovation. This volume, first integrated history of this important topic, explores ideas about during pe


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Springer Viruses and Man: A History of Interactions

Milton Taylor, Indiana University, offers an easy to read and fascinating text describing the impact of viruses on human society. The book starts with an analysis of profound effect that viral epidemics had on world history resulting in demogr


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Palgrave Macmillan Parricide and Violence Against Parents throughout History

This book combines the approaches of history and criminology to study parricide non fatal violence against parents from across traditional period geographical boundaries, encompassing research on Asia as well as Europe North America. P


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Chicco Fit and Fun The Panda Coach 2 5Y

Chicco Fit and Fun The Panda Coach 2 5Y


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T & T Clark History, Politics and the Bible from Iron Age to Media

As biblical studies becomes increasingly fragmented, this collection of essays brings together a number of leading scholars in order to show historical reconstruction, philology, metacriticism, and reception history can be part of a collective


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